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Woman Accused of Gouging Out Mother’s Eyes ‘Was Trying to Kill the Cat’

Ferna Quesner

Typical Fourth of July crimes usually involve booze, fireworks and fighting—the aftermath of too much fun in the sun.

The horrific events that allegedly unfolded at the Lake Worth, Fla., home of Ferna Quesner on the night of July Fourth had nothing to do with festivities or celebration.

Police say Ferna Quesner, 34, beat her mother, 59-year-old Blonia Quesner, with a pole and a 10-pound weight. She then allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and used it to gouge out the woman’s eyes.

Neighbors phoned cops, and when they arrived, a dazed Ferna reportedly told them, “I was trying to kill the cat and she is the cat.” The eyeballs were found on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

Blonia is alive but suffering from multiple broken bones and is now without eyes. Her daughter, who suffers from an undisclosed mental condition, is behind bars, charged with attempted murder in the first degree and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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