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Babysitter Suffers Heart Attack? Nope, Just Drunk, Say Police

Nelson Quiles

A Deltona, Fla., man may soon be swapping the Babysitters’ Club for Alcoholics Anonymous after allegedly passing out drunk while watching two young children.

An 8-year-old boy called 911 after seeing his the man who was supposed to be watching him, 28-year-old Nelson Quiles passed out on the floor.

“I think he had a heart attack” said the boy. Quiles did not, in fact, have a heart attack. What he did have, say police, is four 16-ounce beers. While the 8-year-old called for help, an 11-month old cried in the background. During the boy’s 911 call, Quiles woke up and told the dispatcher he’d been drinking.

The children’s mother, 27-year-old Trisha Atwell, had gone to the store with her 3-year-old, a child fathered by Quiles. Atwell herself appeared intoxicated, according to deputies, and said she went to the store to buy Quiles another beer and a candy bar for herself. Atwell said she didn’t realize how drunk Quiles was and, according to the police report, stated that leaving him with the kids was “not the smartest thing to do.”

Quiles is charged with felony child abuse. The children were placed with Quiles’ father for the night.

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