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VIDEO: Toddler Taken as Hostage at Oklahoma Walmart

Sammie Lamont Wallace

Sammie Lamont Wallace

Police in Midwest City, Oklahoma, have released surveillance camera footage of a hostage situation that unfolded at a local Walmart on June 17.

A mother was shopping with her daughters; a 12-year-old pushing the cart and the two-year-old in the child seat. A man circles around the family several times before going in for the approach. When the mother turns away to look at groceries, the man identified as Sammie Lamont Wallace grabs the two-year-old out of the cart. He immediately handed the mother a cell phone and told her to call a Dallas police officer he grew up with. According to reports, Wallace was armed with a knife.

When shoppers realize the situation, they call 911 and police arrive. Hostage negotiators surrounded Wallace, who reportedly kept demanding the Dallas officer and began talking about the Illuminati.

A hostage negotiator brought him a chair. According to police, Wallace began counting down from 60 and moving his knife closer to the girl’s stomach. When he felt that the girl was in danger, Capt. David Huff shot Wallace in the head. The girl was not harmed.

According to police, Wallace was wanted in Dallas and has a felony record.

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