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Scorned Ex Sentenced for Killing Boyfriend With Poisoned Jagermeister

Janjira Jeffrey Smith

Janjira Jeffrey Smith

A jilted ex-girlfriend will spend 20 years in prison for poisoning her former beau and his new lover with a tainted bottle of Jagermeister.

According to court documents, Washington woman Janjira Jeffrey Smith, 56, hatched her revenge plot after her boyfriend, Roger Lewis visited the Philippines and met another woman. He informed Smith that he and his new love interest, Thanyarat Sengphrachanh, would be getting married. Under the guise of being cordial, Smith called up Sengphrachanh and told her that Lewis likes to have a drink before dinner. She had a friend bring over a bottle of Jagermeister. Lewis and Sengphrachanh accepted the gift and had a drink. Sengphrachanh had half a shot and had a stroke. Lewis, who drank a whole shot, died.

Authorities determined that the Jagermeister was contaminated with the insecticide methomyl. After sending the noxious brew, Smith ran to Thailand, where she’s from, and eventually wound up in London, where she was arrested in 2008. It took two years to extradite her back to the U.S.

Smith was sentenced this week after pleading guilty to second degree murder and second degree assault.

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