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Man Found with Human Body Parts, Private Parts, Arrested

Map of Malawi with Mzimba locator

Map of Malawi with Mzimba locator

In an odd story out of the African country of Malawi, police in Mzimba arrested Moses Malengenya, 32, from the village of Kafoteka on June 30, 2013, after he was found in possession of human male genitalia — not his own.

According to investigator George Chilinda, Malengenya was found with “private parts” believed to have been cut from the body of a dead man from his village. Police reportedly exhumed the body of Gibson Mkandawire, who was buried last Friday, and found that his “private parts” were missing. Chilinda believes that Malengenya wrapped the genitalia in a plastic bag and gave it to a George Mkandawire with a letter stating that he had brought Mkandawire back from the dead.

There is no mention of a motive on Malengenya’s part, though this sounds like it was shaping up to be some sort of extortion plot.

Chilinda announced, “The suspect is in police custody and will be in court soon to answer charges of being found with human private parts, trespassing in a graveyard, and tampering in a graveyard.”

Meanwhile the other villagers burned Malengenya’s house down.

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