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Man Accused of Killing Grandmother-in-law With Golf Club

Kevin David Cuillard

Kevin David Cuillard

We’ve all heard horror stories of mothers-in-law and the men who hate them. But grandmothers-in-law?

A Utah man is charged with murder after allegedly killing his wife’s 85-year-old granny. Police say Kevin David Cuillard, 40, beat dear old Arla “Caroline” Christensen to death with a golf club and strangled her during what is being reported as a “psychotic episode.”

According to Cuillard’s wife, Cuillard has a history of mental health problems and had not been sleeping or taking his medication in the days leading up to the alleged murder. A police report states that Cuillard got a golf club from the garage and then walked toward the old woman’s room “with purpose.” The report continues: “His wife describes his face as being very intense. She followed him through the house and asked him what he was doing.”

By the time police arrived, Christensen was dead. There was blood all over her bedroom and the head of the golf club was broken off. Cuillard, according to police, was “suffering from a psychotic break” and thought that “he had to do what he did to make things better.”

Cuillard is being held without bail.


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