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Memphis Man Charged With Killing Puppy in Dishwasher

Inset, Marcus Curry, show next to an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

Inset, Marcus Curry, shown next to an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

Memphis man Marcus Curry is under arrest and being held in lieu of a $40,000 bond after allegedly putting his German Shepherd puppy in the dishwasher and running it.

The trouble seems to have started when some contractors, who were working at the apartment complex where Curry, 27, lives, saw his puppy on the porch without water. One of the contractors reportedly told curry to take better care of his pet.

Curry was seen taking the dog into the apartment. Then, in what seems like some sort of twisted revenge, he gave the dog water; he drowned it.  Curry was seen about an hour later leaving the apartment with a duffel bag that he put in to a dumpster. Contractor Henry Jones, who had reportedly given the dog water, told that when he saw Curry with the bag, “I was thinking to myself ‘That must be the dog.’ … I unzipped the bag and saw the dog and it was wet.”

Witnesses told police that Curry had put the puppy in the dishwasher and run the machine. One witness told police that Curry left the dog in “too long,” the other said that the dog was no longer moving when Curry opened the dishwasher.

Curry denies putting the dog in the dishwasher, but admits to putting it in the duffel bag, and then into the dumpster. He is charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

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