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Dutch Woman Keeps Dead Mother’s Body in Freezer for a Week

A woman in the southwestern Netherlands was questioned by police after they found that she had been keeping her dead mother’s body in the fridge for a week, allegedly because she couldn’t bring herself to say “good-bye.”

The situation came to the attention of authorities when a family friend, who could “no longer live” with the bizarre secret, called police. Police searched the house of the daughter, 46, in Kamperland, and did indeed find the body of the mother, 83 at her death, in the freezer.

It is not known if the daughter, who was interviewed by a psychiatrist at the police station before being sent back to the home she shared with her mother for 17 years, will be facing charges. According to police spokeswoman Esther Boot “There was no indication that the mother didn’t die of natural causes, but the body has nevertheless been taken for an autopsy.”

She added, “Technically it’s a crime to keep a body in the freezer.”

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