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DUI Switcheroo Lands Sisters in Double Trouble

From left: Steffany Miranda, Vanessa Miranda

From left: Steffany Miranda, Vanessa Miranda

Sometimes, a bright idea that’s supposed to get you out of a pickle ends up making everything way, way worse. Miami sisters Steffany Miranda, 18, and Vanessa Miranda, 24, learned this the hard way after allegedly pulling the old driver-passenger switcheroo while being pulled over on suspicion of DUI. The problem was, say police, they were both drunk.

According to a report filed by arresting officer Deputy Juan Martin-Reyes, Steffany was the original driver when he saw the sisters’ Volkswagen swerving and braking suddenly on Route 1. He followed the car for about seven miles, and then turned on his lights. The vehicle reportedly came to a sudden stop in the lane, and that’s when the young women decided to pull a fast one.

Vanessa submitted to a roadside sobriety test and registered a BAC of .127 and .129 percent. Steffany declined to take the test, but according to the arrest report, both sisters were visibly intoxicated. Because they had both at some point been in control of the vehicle, both were charged with DUI.

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