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Chinese Woman Kills Self, Husband While Parking

Another bad, though non-lethal, parking job.

Another bad, though non-lethal, parking job.

A woman learning to park the family car on June 18, 2013, crushed her husband and killed herself, all in front of the couple’s horrified daughter, 6, who was in the car.

A Mr. Lin was reportedly teaching his wife, who was already a licensed driver since May, to park in an underground garage in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. She had already backed the car into the spot against the wall on the previous day, but he felt she needed more practice. The couple’s daughter was inside the car and watched as the husband got between the family’s Lexus RX270 SUV and the wall of the garage. The wife backed the vehicle into the spot, but mistakenly pinned the husband between the SUV and the wall. In what must have been a panicked move, she stuck her head out the window of the SUV, gunned the engine, without taking it out of reverse, crushed her husband to death and crushed her own head between the vehicle and the side wall of the parking spot. Mrs. Lin died of her injuries soon after paramedics transferred her to a nearby hospital.

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