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Teen Boy Killed Little Sister by Practicing Wrestling Moves, Say Police

Viloude Louis, victim

Viloude Louis, victim

A 13-year-old New Orleans area boy is accused of killing his 5-year-old sister by practicing WWE-style wrestling moves on her. According to a press release issued by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, the girl suffered blunt force trauma, broken ribs and internal bleeding. Her death was ruled a homicide.

The victim is identified as Viloude Louis; her half-brother and accused killer is not being identified due to his age. According to police, the two children were alone in the house. The boy, who was babysitting Viloude in the absence of their mother, was practicing wrestling moves on her. He allegedly told police that he picked her up and slammed her on the bed and punched her in the stomach. When Viloude began to complain that she was in pain, the boy allegedly continued to slam, punch and elbow her.

After the wrestling stopped, the girl went upstairs complaining of a stomach ache, states the report. After she came downstairs and lay on the sofa, the boy noticed she wasn’t breathing and called 911.

The report states that the detective who was interviewing the boy noticed that the boy smiled and “appeared to enjoy talking about the wrestling moves and physical abuse during the interview.” He is charged with second degree murder.

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