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Summer Fun: A Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

Artist's impression of Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

For serial killer buffs itching to do something crime-oriented this summer, London, England, offers the unique opportunity of taking a walking tour of the scenes of the Jack the Ripper murders in that fair old city’s East End where the murders took place in the 1880s.

The tour, which costs £9 ($15) and has been around for thirty years, claims expert guides and strives to be “atmospheric.” The website boasts tour guides such as Philip Hutchinson, co-author of The London of Jack the Ripper; John Bennett, co-author of CSI: Whitechapel; and Ripper historian Lindsay Siviter to ensure a tour experience that is accurate, informative and utterly creepy as well.

The evening tour lasts about two hours, during which time tour takers are shown Victorian photographs of the people and locations of import in the case as they were at the time of the murders, while touring the very same neighborhoods today. No Ripper tour would be complete without post-mortem photos of the victims, to convey just how brutal and shocking the murders were, and an examination of the seemingly endless theories regarding the true identity of the mysterious killer to “help you decide for yourself which of the many, many suspects you think is the likeliest to have been Jack the Ripper.”

The website promises a “tour on which you will be constantly looking over your shoulder, ever wary of who might be lurking in the dark corners and shadow-draped alleyways. But please remember – it will get dark and it might be foggy.”

Jack the Ripper


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