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Australian Man Sentenced for Stomping Girlfriend to Death

From left: Jazmin-Jean Ajbschitz, Sean Lee King

From left: Jazmin-Jean Ajbschitz, Sean Lee King

Sean Lee King, 27, of Sydney, Australia, was convicted of drug and firearms offenses in April 2011, but immediately granted parole after time served while he awaited trial on a separate assault charge. On parole, he brutally beat his girlfriend Jazmin-Jean Ajbschitz, 18, to death in her apartment.

King had a history of drug problems and was a habitual user of steroids and the designer drug Ice, which made the couple’s volatile relationship violent as well. According to Ajbschitz’ family, he had assaulted her before. As is so often the case with such abuse, the status of their relationship at the time of her murder is unclear.

The court heard testimony that King had called Ajbschitz several times on July 10, the day of the murder, at one point saying, “You don’t know what I can do … You think I’m joking. I’ll kill you and then anybody else that you’re with.” What he said to her via the intercom outside her security building is not known. Sadly, however, she came down and let him in. The security feed showed them entering the elevator to the apartment Ajbschitz shared with her mother, and 26 minutes later Ajbschitz was dead.

On the night in question, King was reportedly using alcohol, steroids and was high on Ice when he began first hitting, then kicking Ajbschitz. He beat her with three different objects before dragging her, bloodied, around the apartment and finally stomping on her chest until her heart stopped. The autopsy report revealed that she had died from blunt-force trauma to the heart and liver. Her brother found her body three days later.

Though King confessed to the murder, he blamed drugs and alcohol for his actions. It took the jury less than two hours to convict him.

Justice Geoffrey Bellew described King’s attack on Ajbschitz as “vicious, inhuman and unprovoked,” and noted “the unimaginable terror which must have overcome [her] in the final moments of her life.” He sentenced King to spend at least 25-and-a-half years behind bars. King will be eligible for parole in 2037, when he is 51.

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