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A Year Later, Shooting of Texas Teen Couple Remains Unsolved

Mary Kristene Chapa, left. Mollie Olgin, right. Handout photo.

This Sunday marked one year since Portland, Texas, couple Mollie Olgin, 19, and Mary Kristene Chapa, 18, were shot by an unidentified gunman in Violet Andrews Park. Hikers found the girls in a patch of grass early the next morning. Both had been shot in the head. Mollie died and Kristene survived despite slim odds. She had to regain her ability to speak before being able to describe the assailant to police. She also helped police revise their initial sketch of the suspect.

A bullet casing from a large-caliber gun was found at the scene, Portland Police Chief Randy Wright said, but no weapon was recovered. DNA from the crime scene was sent to a lab; so far no results have been announced. Despite an influx of leads, no suspect has been apprehended in the shooting.

Since the tragic event, Kristene Chapa’s life has changed drastically. She’s lost her girlfriend, and after having part of her brain removed, she’s lost some of her vision and hearing. No longer in a wheelchair, she now uses a cane to walk.

No motive has been determined in the shooting. Police haven’t ruled out the possibility that a hate crime was committed against the same-sex couple. Friends and family, say reports, were accepting of the young women’s relationship.

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