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Children Find Pet Goat Skinned Alive — Owner, Neighbors Afraid

Residents in Longview, Washington, are understandably on edge after a pet goat was found cruelly mutilated and left for dead.

The pet goat, Briggs, 6, was found by children who had come to feed the goats. Briggs was bound with zip ties and mutilated. The mother of the girl, 12, who found the carcass reportedly said, “Its stomach was cut open, and I was freaking out.”

Animal control officers regretfully concluded that Briggs had been partially skinned while still alive, and had died of shock. Briggs’ brother Stratton was also found bound with zip ties, but uninjured.

Neighbors are of course not only totally freaked out that such a thing could happen where they live, but fear that Briggs’ killer or killers may return.

Animal control is taking the matter seriously and is asking all locals who saw or heard anything to contact authorities.

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