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Inmate’s 328th Lawsuit: Bad Prison Food Gave Him Tummy Ache

Dale Maisano

Dale Maisano

Prison inmate Dale Maisano, 61, currently serving year seven of a 15-year sentence in Arizona’s State Prison Complex in Tucson, has filed suit against the State of Arizona in federal court — again. This is reportedly the 368th suit he has filed against officials and entities of the state government since 1991.

In fact this seems to be the 30th lawsuit Maisano has filed in just the last two weeks. This particular suit claims that on June 3, 2013, Maisano was served food, “a non medical diet,” that made him feel ill and “caused cramps the whole night[,] which caused the plaintiff to lose the ability to sleep and wonder if they try [sic] to kill him.”

Maisano is suing for a medical diet and $1 trillion. In his suit, he names the state, the food service contractor, the director, the warden, the deputy warden, the governor and the attorney general as defendants.

Needless to say, most of his suits are thrown out. Of the unending flood of suits from the inmate, one judge reportedly said Maisano “so often and egregiously abus[es] the legal process.” In 1992 a U.S. District Judge banned Maisano from filing further suits without the court’s permission.

This suit will likely be thrown out as most of the others have been, but Maisano has filed a related suit that asks for $10 trillion in recompense for getting his prison food late for two days, causing “an eating disorder.”

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