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Burglar Breaks in, Finds Dead Body

A burglar in New Zealand may be too traumatized to rob anyone again after discovering a hanging body in a house he broke into.

After coming upon the grisly scene in a vacant Hamilton home, the 26-year-old burglar screamed so loudly that the neighbors thought there was a domestic incident going on and phoned police. The burglar calmed himself down to call police as well.

He was arrested for the break-in, but likely won’t be charged. Finding the corpse of a hanging man, police have decided, is punishment enough to deter the burglar from committing future crimes. “Hopefully there will be a positive out of it and that he will decide it’s not the thing to do. I would be taking that as pretty bad karma,” said Senior Sergeant Freda Grace.

The dead man has not been identified and his death is not being treated as suspicious.

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