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Watch: Deputy Shooting Caught on Police Dash Cam

Aron Ebel

Evan Ebel

The officer shown in this recently released police dashcam video survived the shooting. Colorado spree-shooter Evan Ebel was shot down during a high-speed chase by Texas police after he shot a deputy at point-blank range. The deputy survived his encounter with Ebel, but Ebel did not survive his encounter with Texas justice.

Deputy James Boyd of Montague County Texas pulled over the black Cadillac being driven by spree killer Evan Ebel in what seemed to be a routine traffic stop. Ebel had reportedly shot and killed pizza delivery man Nathan Leon on March 17, 2013, and dumped his body near a recycling center. He then shot and killed Colorado Department of Corrections Chief Tom Clements in front of his home on March 21, before fleeing to Texas, where he was stopped by Boyd.

Ebel shot Boyd, floored the gas and kept running, but Boyd, who was wearing his body armor, survived. The deputy managed to crawl back to his cruiser and radio for backup, despite a bullet wound to the head. Police went out in force, found Ebel and chased him down. Ebel was killed during a chase with police. He was shot in the head and his Cadillac hit by a semi.

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