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Nakuru Cannibal Arraigned on Charges of Killing and Eating Neighbor

Amos Gichuhi Kimeria in court

Amos Gichuhi Kimeria in court

Amos Gichuhi Kimeria of Kenya’s Nakuru County was arraigned last week on charges that he killed a neighbor with a machete, and ate his heart, liver, penis and intestines before carelessly dumping the body.

Kimeria, 32, appeared before Justice Anyara Emukule on June 13, 2013. He stands accused of killing Samwel Epolisi Lodoket with a panga, the African equivalent of the machete, before slaughtering and eating parts of him.

Some of the victim’s body parts were found on the roof of a granary not far from Kimeria’s home, others were found on the nearby farm of a Dr. Karanja, where Kimeria had at one time been the caretaker.

Thomas Lochicho and Lucas Tarkus testified that they found Lodoket’s body on one of the farm’s footpaths with thighs and bowels removed on June 29, 2012, the day after Lodoket failed to come home with dinner for his family. He was covered with women’s clothing.

Lochicho and Tarkus also said that Kimeria, who worked as a watchman at the time, was nervous and had bloodstains on the back and shoulders of his shirt. They decided to turn him over to police even before finding the missing man’s body. “If he had been around when we found the body and the cooked meat, we would have been speaking of another death. All people of Tetu farm would have been arrested for murder. I am the one who insisted we escort him to the police post long before we saw the body.” Even so the villagers’ anger was already inflamed against Kimeria, and when he was brought to Tetu, in Kenya’s Subukia District, police had to rescue him from a lynch mob.

Further investigation on the part of Lochicho and Tarkus turned up a “boneless” meat wrapped in plastic hidden in one of the farm’s goat pens. They also found a sufuria, a crock pot, filled with an unidentified boiled meat. The rest Kimeria is believed to have eaten, including the victim’s heart, liver, penis and intestines, which were never found.

In July 2012 trial proceedings were delayed pending a mental evaluation of Kimeria. The results have not been made public. Kimeria’s next hearing is scheduled for October 28, 2013.

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