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Update: Unrepentant Serial Killer Elroy Chester Executed

Update: Elroy Chester’s appeal to the Supreme Court was denied. He was executed on Wednesday June 12, 2013, and was pronounced dead at 7:04 p.m.

Update 2:14 p.m.: Chester’s appeal for a reprieve was denied at 10:25 a.m. this morning by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. His lawyers immediately appealed to the United States Supreme Court to stop his execution, and await a response from the court.

Chester appealed to the Supreme Court in 2012 requesting to be taken off death row due to alleged mental retardation. That time the court declined to hear his case.

His execution is scheduled for 6 p.m. today.

Elroy Chester

Elroy Chester

Unrepentant Serial Killer May Get Reduced Sentence on Day of Execution

Serial killer Elroy Chester of Port Arthur, Texas, scheduled to die today for the murders of five people, has asked a judge to stop his execution and reduce his sentence to life in prison because, his lawyers argue, one judge showed bias against him.

Chester was convicted of five murders committed between 1997 and 1998, those of John Sepeda, 78; Etta Mae Stallings, 87; Cheryl DeLeon, a coworker of Chester’s; Albert Bolden, his sister’s common-law husband; and Port Arthur firefighter Willie Ryman III, who walked in on Chester while he was raping Ryman’s nieces. Chester wore a clear plastic clown mask, duct taped his victims, and shot them.

Chester was originally scheduled to die in April 2013, but red tape delayed the execution until June 12. Port Arthur police chief, Mark Blanton, describing the premeditated attacks of the masked murderer, recounted an attacker who “had most of the city seized in a grip of fear … He would cut phone lines and cable lines in case people had cable phones, unscrew light bulbs or squirt water so they would break,” said Blanton. The killer would go into hiding when police stepped up patrols, and resume his murderous activities when they let up.

Blanton said that Chester showed no remorse during his trial, recalling, “He stated in court that if he was given the death penalty, he’d have his home boys kill a Port Arthur policeman.” reportedly checked with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and they are still planning on going ahead with Chester’s execution.

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