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Detroit-Area Golfer Hits Partner With Club, Stabs Arm With Broken Shaft

Glenn Steven Lott, ex-golfer

Glenn Steven Lott, ex-golfer

The game of golf is supposed to be a relaxing, Zen-like synergy of brain and body, but every now and then players with chakras out of alignment seem to erupt into homicidal rages. Glenn Lott, of the Detroit area, is no exception.

Glenn Steven Lott, 59, was added at the last minute by the starter to a group of three friends getting ready to tee off on June 6, 2013, in Oakland Township’s Westwynd Golf Course. According to The Smoking Gun, “Lott is a former Drake University football star who was a second-round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1975 (though he never ended up playing in the NFL).” The golf club’s manager Jimmy Mehlberg said that Lott had golfed there before and “always came across as a pretty nice guy.” Mehlberg added, “I couldn’t even believe this happened.”

The foursome got as far as the 13th hole when, according to undersheriff Mike McCabe, the victim, 65, “…asked the gentleman [Lott] what his score was on the previous hole, and he didn’t answer him. So he asked him again and he refused to answer, and then he blew up on the gentleman, pulled out his Calloway five iron and proceeded to attack them.” In fact Lott went completely berserk, and hit the victim so hard on the arm that according to the police report, he caused “the club to break over his arm.” With his newly-made shiv Lott then stabbed the man in the same arm “causing bleeding injuries.” By this time the manager, who had received multiple complaints of a fight at the 13th hole, summoned police.

The victim’s buddies broke up the fight and held Lott down, telling the victim to run. He made a break for it in a golf cart, but Lott got away, jumped into another golf cart and chased the victim all the way back to the clubhouse, “screaming at him the entire time that he was going to ‘get him.’” The victim was treated at the scene by responding firefighters. Refusing hospital care, he later underwent treatment at an urgent-care facility, where he “received numerous stitches for his injuries,” according to the report. His friends confirmed his account of events.

Lott was arrested later at his home for felonious assault, aka assault with a deadly weapon, which can carry a four-year sentence. At his arraignment Friday, Judge Lisa Asadoorian set his bond at $100,000 in cash. Bond conditions include no contact with the victim, no firearms and — thankfully — no golf courses.

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