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Police: Family Planned to Cut Off Woman’s Fingers

From left: Sheena Mason, John Gulley, Gerald Mason

From left: Sheena Moore, John Gulley, Gerald Moore

It seems that Ohio woman Brittany Rager had the misfortune of being John Gulley’s newest romantic interest. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t break up with Sheena Moore beforehand. Given what happened though, it is unlikely that breaking up with Moore would have made a difference.

Rager, 27, a good friend of Moore, 24, told her that she had received a few sexually explicit texts from Gulley, 31, but was confident in her friendship with Moore, “She was my right-hand girl. She was always a little too quick to fight, but she always had my back and was a good friend,” Rager reportedly said.

So when Rager was invited to Moore’s trailer home to talk about the situation, she never expected what happened next. On entering she was assaulted by Moore’s 450-pound father Gerald Moore with a cane, while Moore and Gulley punched and kicked her. They held her down and first tried to break her fingers, then tried to cut them off with pruning shears. Their goal was to end her career as a tattoo artist. As she begged for mercy, Moore reportedly said, “This all could have been avoided if I had just not told her that her boyfriend was cheating on her.”

She continued to struggle as Gerald Moore told her she wasn’t going to make it out alive. Luckily for Rager, one of her kicks knocked the huge man down long enough for her to escape, but not before Gulley hit her in the head with the shears.

Rager, who suffered a laceration to the head, a concussion and a fractured skull, says she wakes up screaming, reliving her ordeal, which she says “was like being in a Saw movie.”

Once Rager fled, the family called 911 and reported her as an attempted robber. Police sorted out the situation pretty quickly and arrested the trio, who all had priors. They are each charged with felony kidnapping and felony assault, and are each facing up to 19 years in prison if convicted.

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