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Heather Lynn Dykman: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Rehab

Heather Lynn Dykman: Made it to rehab

Heather Lynn Dykman: Did make it to rehab

On June 4, 2013, Heather Lynn Dykman, 40, of Rockville, Maryland, was on a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Florida, on her way to a rehab facility for a 30-day program when she decided to knock back a few drinks. Given what happened after that, it isn’t too much of a stretch to conclude that 30 days in rehab may not be enough.

It is not known if Dykman drank before getting on the plane, but according to what the stewardess who served her told deputies in Florida, after “two vodka beverages” aboard Spirit Airlines flight 443 Dykman “was becoming intoxicated,” and they “refused to serve her further alcoholic beverages.”

The stewardess probably made a good call, because one strong indication that a person has had enough to drink is their going on the war path when you take their drink away. In fact Dykman demanded more vodka and “became very angry and yelling, using profanity and disturbing the operation of the flight.” When that didn’t get her another drink, Dykman escalated, charging up to the galley and yelling, “Stop sending your house n***** to do the messages for you.” That is about where the level of intensity seems to have stayed for the remainder of the lfight, despite repeated warnings from the cabin crew that Dykman was in violation of FAA regulations.

Dykman was met by Broward County deputies on landing at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and dragged out of the airport screaming “profanity and racial slurs in front of approximately 300 passengers in the concourse,” according to the report. She was arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

When she was arraigned the next day, Dykman explained, “I came down for a 30-day rehab program.” The judge released her on a $250 bond, told her not to drink and amphasized that she is to stay the heck away from Spirit Airlines.

Dwayne S. Taylor: Did not make it to his AA meeting

Dwayne S. Taylor: Did not make it to his AA meeting

At about 7 p.m. the same day, Louisville, Kentucky, man Dwayne S. Taylor, 53, was driving his 1995 Jeep Cherokee in a manner which caught the attention of police. He reportedly stopped twice for no apparent reason. When police pulled him over for questioning Taylor reportedly said, in the slurred speech of a man who later admitted to having had two beers in the space of 40 minutes, “It’s okay. I’m going to AA.” Police noted alcohol on his breath and his difficulty standing, and don’t seem to have tried to verify his story. He was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  I don’t think he made his meeting.

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