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Woman Run Over With Own Car

Isabel Huerta, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, did not survive the accident.

Isabel Huerta, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, did not survive the accident.

Police in San Antonio, Texas, are investigating the bizarre death of woman who seems to have run herself over. This lethal accident happened not long after a woman in Quebec ran herself over three times, and survived.

Nurse Isabel Huerta, 68, was driving her beige 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser on her way to work at 6 a.m. on May 30, 2013. On the 12000 block of Blanco Road Huerta stopped in front of the Churchill High School. She reportedly pulled over to the right shoulder, stopped the car, and putting it in reverse, exited the vehicle. The car then made a sudden U-turn into the middle of the road and ran Huerta over, apparently pinning her.

Nurse Fran McLaughlin happened to pass by on her way to work and called 911. Responders had to lift the vehicle off Huerta, but despite their life-saving efforts, she died at the scene.

Her family is dumbfounded, believing that she may have stopped because she felt ill. Police are still looking into the possibility that there was another person in the car with Huerta.

On a lighter note, an unnamed woman delivering newspapers in Trois Rivieres, in Quebec, Canada, on May 22 is alive after leaving her car in reverse and jumping out to deposit a copy of Le Nouvelliste on someone’s doorstep. The car backed up and hit her with the door as it began to pick up speed and turn in widening circles. She was knocked down and under the vehicle. Despite unsuccessful attempts to reach the gear shift in the open car, she was run over three times before people nearby responded to her screams. They got her to a hospital in time.

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