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Smart Employee Steals Dumb Robbers’ Getaway Car

Gabriel Gonzalez, left, and Jeremy Lovitt

Gabriel Gonzalez, left, and Jeremy Lovitt

The employee who foiled this dastardly duo’s evil plan has not been named, probably for his own good. Interfering with a robbery can pose great personal risk, so in the interest of public safety we advise that nobody ever try anything like this ever again, ever — even though this is really funny.

Two would-be robbers entered a Stockton, California, Burger King on May 23, 2013, hoping to make some quick cash. According to reports, Gabriel Gonzalez, 19, and Jeremy Lovitt, 23, ran inside, pulled out their guns and demanded that employees hand over the cash. Maybe they weren’t big-city boys, because they inexplicably left the keys in the ignition of their running getaway car outside.

While the alleged robbers were dealing with the cashier, a sly employee slipped out the back door, saw the waiting getaway car, hopped in and rode off with it. He reportedly drove it around the corner and hid it. Police later told reporters that they had never seen anything like it, “I haven’t heard of any employee actually leaving a business, getting inside the suspect vehicle and trying to hide it,” commented Officer Joe Silva.

When Gonzalez and Lovitt emerged with their ill-gotten gains, the getaway car was nowhere to be found. According to responding officers, the suspects flat-out panicked and ran into a nearby field (to the tune of the Benny Hill Show). This type of behavior they see all too often, and it didn’t take long to round them up.

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