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VIDEO: Teen Boy Breaks Down After Shooting Parents

Alex Crain. Police photo.

In December, 2010, 14-year-old Naples, Fla., boy Alex Crain called 911. He told the operator that both his parents had been shot and pleaded for police to “please hurry.” When asked who shot his parents, Alex cried, “I did.” He said he had been sleeping and woke up with a gun in his hand and both of his parents on the floor. “I love my parents,” Alex kept repeating, not understanding why he’d done what he did.

Alex was charged as an adult and pleaded no contest to two counts of manslaughter. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He is being held in a juvenile facility until age 21. Many juveniles charged as adults are sent to adult prison, where they’re segregated from the general population but not afforded as much opportunity for education and rehabilitation as they are in a juvenile correctional setting.┬áMisty Cash, deputy director of communications for the Florida Department of Corrections, said of Alex, who will be released in when he is in his 30s: “We have to remember he does have a release date, and while he’s in our custody, we have to prepare him for that day of release.”

Alex’s attorney Brian Bieber stated that Alex suffers “from a severe mental illness” but would not specify what.

In the two videos below, listen to the 911 call placed by Alex seconds after realizing what he’d done. Then, watch Alex inside the squad car that took him into custody.

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