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Man’s ‘Ghost Cam’ Revealed Girlfriend was Sexing up his Son, 16

Map of Australia with Tasmania locator

Map of Australia with Tasmania locator

Am amateur ghost chaser in Tasmania, Australia, decided to set up a video camera in his home to catch evidence of ghosts on film. Thanks to his live-in girlfriend and baby momma, 28, whose name is being withheld, we will never know if his house is haunted. An October 2012 review of his footage did not show the paranormal activity he had anticipated, but instead showed the man’s girlfriend of 11 years cuddling and making out with his son, 16.

When questioned, the girlfriend said it was nothing, but the son confessed to his father that the two had had sex on three occasions. When the father found out that they had continued having sexual encounters at motels on several occasion following the incident, he got police involved.

The age of consent in Australia is 17, so police interviewed the woman, who confessed to having sex with her stepson, and to knowing that he was only 16, but she added that she had thought that the law specified 16 as the age of consent. Once she realized that she had been in the wrong legally, she claimed to be embarrassed and ashamed and tried to reconcile with her ex.

On May 20, 2013, she pleaded guilty to five counts of having sex with a minor, “She accepts this is not a relationship which can or will continue,” her attorney told the court. She is scheduled to be sentenced on May 27.

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