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‘My Drunk Son Has Fallen on Me, and I Can’t Get Up!’

Robert Golba, jailed after drunkenly crushing his mom.

Robert Golba, jailed after drunkenly crushing his mom.

An 81-year-old Riverside, Illinois, mother could have really used some sort of medical alert bracelet or necklace on March 9, 2013, when her drunken son, Robert Golba, 55, fell on her during an argument, and passed out.

The poor woman was reportedly pinned “for an extended period of time,” before she was able to notify a family member, who summoned police. Once rescuers heaved her dead-weight of a son off her frail elderly body, they found that she was unable to stand. Hospital X-rays revealed that her hip was broken in three places. An emergency surgery was performed to insert a pin, but she may need another surgery to fully correct the problem with a metal plate. Her days of living at home on her own may be over thanks to her son.

Golba was reportedly so combative with police when he came to, that they had to restrain him, though how is unclear. It is hoped by this crime writer, that they tased him at least once. Golba was treated for alcohol poisoning while in custody.

According to police Golba had already served one year in prison for violation of a protection order that specifically barred him from entering his mother’s home when he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That protection order was renewed on his release, and he is now charged with one felony count of violation of an order of protection.

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