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‘Barefoot Burglar’ Pleads Guilty to Another Charge, Sentenced to Time Served

Colton Harris-Moore.

Colton Harris-Moore, the young man currently serving seven years for a spectacular two-year crime spree has pleaded guilty to another charge but won’t get any time added to his sentence. Harris-Moore’s run from the law, which included the theft of an airplane, captivated America and had many rooting for his getaway.

Harris-Moore, now 22, was nicknamed the ‘Barefoot Burglar’ for reportedly committing some of his crimes without shoes. Most notably, he  once left 39 chalk footprints and the word “c’ya!” at the scene of a burglary. In 2010, when Harris-Moore was captured in the Bahamas, where he had flown in a plane he stole from Indiana, there were so many charges against him that they were consolidated. He pleaded guilty to seven federal counts including interstate transportation of a stolen plane, boat and gun, and of being a fugitive in possession of a firearm and of flying a plane without a pilot’s license and was sentenced to more than seven years. He was also sentenced to six and a half years in a Washington State court, to be served concurrently with the federal time. A product of a tough and hopeless childhood, Moore will be in his late 20s when he gets out. Before heading off to prison, Harris-Moore said he plans to use his time behind bars to study so that he can apply for a degree in  aeronautical engineering when he gets out. He’ll also likely be met by a crowd of adoring fangirls; Harris-Moore’s spree earned him a bit of a cult following, composed largely of teen girls on Tumblr who can’t wait for his release.

Harris-Moore pleaded guilty to yet another theft charge Wednesday in Mount Vernon, Washington. He was sentenced to three months in prison on that charge, to be served concurrently with the rest of his sentence.

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