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Man Allegedly Planned to Kill a Lawyer and Frame the Cat

Brett Nash, Criminal Mastermind

Brett Nash, budding criminal mastermind

Cat lovers around the globe are thankful to Illinois authorities, who may just have prevented the perfect murder, saved the life of a presumed-innocent feline and convicted a budding criminal mastermind in the process.

Brett Nash, 46, aspiring criminal mastermind of Pontoon Beach, pleaded guilty to solicitation of a crime of violence on April 30, 2013, in connection with a plot to abduct, extort and kill an attorney as well as a hapless house cat.

Nash came to the attention of investigators in 2011 when he apparently got the brilliant idea to abduct a lawyer and hold the victim for ransom. It is unclear from the reports if this was to be a specific lawyer, or if any ol’ lawyer with a cat would have done. In any case, the victim was to be kept compliant by the strapping of a fake explosive device about his person, until such a time as he was no longer needed.

In the end Nash decided that the victim would have to be killed, because, as Nash said in a recording played for the court, “Dead men don’t talk.” According to the prosecution, the initial plan was to electrocute the attorney in a Jacuzzi by tossing in a radio that was presumable plugged in and turned on, and then tossing in the victim’s cat. Voila: accidental death and a convenient patsy.

Nash probably concluded that the cat would have to die in order to be a suspect, and of course because, dead cats don’t … uh, talk.

Nash tried to get his wife and another man to help him pull off this dastardly deed, which might just have fooled the world, but for the other man, an ex con. Perhaps in the spirit of atonement, perhaps to help make the world a better place, or maybe because he just likes cats, the would-be accomplice informed on Nash to police. With his help and cooperation, investigators recorded a number of telephone conversations about the plot, and arrested Nash in January 2013.

Nash’s sentencing is scheduled for May 22, he faces 20 years in prison.

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