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Former Caretaker Sentenced to Prison for Particularly Gross Form of Elder Abuse

Najmeh Griffin. Police photo.

It didn’t take long for a jury in Corpus Christi, Tex., to find former adult daycare owner Najmeh Griffin guilty of abusing the elderly. Last week, the 69-year old woman was sentenced to four years in prison for elderly abuse and one year for assault, to be served concurrently. According to testimony heard in court, Griffin had used a particularly nasty form of “therapy” on her elderly charges.

Prosecutors at her trial said Griffin had placed bags of urine and feces around the necks of two of her patients. Griffin herself argued that it was a form of “sensory therapy” designed to remind them to go to the bathroom. Employees at her daycare also testified that Griffin often became angry and yelled at Alzheimer’s patients for not being able to feed themselves or going into the wrong bathroom.

The prosecution called in an expert witness, geriatric nurse Jessica Ramos, who said the “sensory therapy” used by Griffin was a load of crap: “I don’t even think it’s a procedure. I’ve never heard of any type of therapy, sensory or visual, that uses smells to help someone defecate.”

Griffin, no spring chicken herself, will be out of prison at age 73.

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