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Air Force Sexual Assault Monitor Arrested for —You Guessed it — Sexual Assault. Oops.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, 41, Chief of the USAF Sexual Assault Prevention and Response branch at the Pentagon for a whopping three months, seems to have been intoxicated enough on Sunday to perhaps have forgotten his training regarding sexual assault and the Air Force’s stated zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault.

Krusinski was arrested on May 5, 2013, in Arlington, Virginia, for allegedly grabbing a strange woman’s breasts and buttocks in a parking lot without her implicit or explicit permission, not just once but twice, prompting her to fight him off and call 911. Judging by the mugshot shown here, she got a few licks in; good for her.

The report is pretty succinct:

“SEXUAL BATTERY, 05/05/13, 500 block of S. 23rd Street. On May 5 at 12:35 am, a drunken male subject approached a female victim in a parking lot and grabbed her breasts and buttocks. The victim fought the suspect off as he attempted to touch her again and alerted police. Jeffrey Krusinski, 41, of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with sexual battery. He was held on a $5,000 unsecured bond. ”

Then he was identified. Oops.

Not surprisingly he has been removed from his position at the Pentagon pending an investigation.

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