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‘Hiccup Girl’ May Plead Guilty to Lesser Charge

Jennifer Mee. Police photo.

The young woman who found herself briefly famous after coming down with a three-week case of the hiccups may soon be heading to prison for 15 years. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Jennifer Mee, charged with murder, has offered to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a 15 year sentence. Prosecutors say they will consider the plea. If she does not plead guilty, Mee, 20, will go to trial on May 14.

Mee was charged in 2010 with felony murder for allegedly luring a man she met online into an alleyway where police say her boyfriend, Lamont Newton, and their friend Laron Raiford, robbed and killed him.  The victim, Shannon Griffin, 22, reportedly thought he was going on a date with Mee.

In 2007, Mee enjoyed a brief stint in the media spotlight after a bout of hiccups that would not go away for three weeks landed her a spot as a guest on the Today Show.  After her appearance, during which she met country singer Keith Urban, Today reported that Mee’s affliction was cured in a follow-up feature entitled “Happy Ending for Hiccup Girl.”  Mee’s happy ending did not last and she returned to the spotlight a few years later, this time facing a first-degree murder charge.  The hiccups have returned on occasion during her ordeal.  In an interview with Today, Mee said her brief fame caused her to go astray and take “the path of the devil.”

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