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Catherine Kieu Convicted of Torture for Cutting Off Husband’s Penis

Catherine Keiu. Police photo.

After less than a day of deliberating, a California jury convicted Catherine Kieu of torture and aggravated mayhem for cutting off her estranged husband’s penis and mangling it in a garbage disposal.

Prosecutors claimed that Kieu drugged and bound her husband before slicing off his manhood out of jealousy and rage. The couple, who lived in the same home despite having filed for divorce two months before the incident, argued about the husband’s friends staying in the home. Kieu laced her husband’s tofu with Ambien before picking up a 10-inch knife and taking to the victim’s groin.

Jurors did not buy Kieu’s defense that she was less culpable because her husband’s sexual demands exacerbated her previous mental illness. Now Kieu faces life in prison as a result of the convictions. Her sentencing hearing has been set for June 28.

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