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Arrest Warrant Issued for Former Billionaire Boys Club Member

Photo of a Luxor Taxi and victim Edmund Capalla.

Photo of a Luxor Taxi and victim Edmund Capalla.

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of Reza Eslaminia, former member of the infamous “Billionaire Boys Club,” of the 1980s. Prosecutors have been considering charging Eslaminia, now a cab driver for Luxor Taxi, with vehicular manslaughter in connection with a pedestrian death last year. It seems that Eslaminia expected in court to face those charges, and has failed to appear. It is possible that he has gone on the run, not wishing to spend another day in prison for murder, or that he just forgot as he seems to have on another occasion in 2004.

Billionaire Boys Club,” aka the Bombay Bicycle Club, led by the psychopathic Joseph Gamsky, aka Joe Hunt and was composed of privileged young men all from wealthy California families, who posed as investment brokers touting get rich quick schemes. Really they were running a Ponzi scheme, bilking investors out of their money. When bad investments left them strapped for cash Reza Eslaminia sacrificed his father, Hedayat Eslaminia, 56, a bay-area resident, to the cause, kidnapping him and planning to torture him and force him to turn over his $35 million fortune. The plan went south, however, when the elder Eslaminia was accidentally suffocated in the trunk in which Reza Eslaminia and his accomplice Arben Dosti had put him.

In 1988 Eslaminia was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his father. The conviction was quietly overturned in 1998 when, during a retrial, the prosecution could not produce its star witness. The judge dismissed the charges and Eslaminia and Dosti went free. Hunt is still in prison, serving time for another murder.

Over the years Eslaminia developed an obsession with his father’s life and documents, which he has been trying to retrieve from the FBI using a lawyer. Eslaminia reportedly believes that his father, an Iranian dignitary under the Shah, was a covert American operative. He had also managed to stay out of serious trouble despite one arrest for possessing cocaine, heroin and a syringe in 2004, which was thrown out, and another for possession of stolen property, according the Wall Street Journal.

Then in August 11, 2012, Eslaminia, then 51, and working as a cab driver, ran a red light at around 7 p.m. in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. He was hit in the intersection by another car, spun out of control and hit and killed pedestrian Edmund Capalla, 38, who was crossing at Eddy and Larkin Streets. Capalla was a beloved husband and father of three, who was on his way to catch a bus to his part-time job as a senior care giver after celebrating his youngest daughter’s first birthday.

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