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Report: Frat Boy Gets Drunk, Acts Like Drunken Frat Boy

Alex Fanian, Frat-boy extraordinaire

Alex Fanian, Frat-boy extraordinaire

They say that all stereotypes have some basis in truth or they wouldn’t have evolved into stereotypes. So the drunken, naked arrest of FAU Iota Nu frat member and former chapter president Alex Fanaian, would seem to prove.

Frat-boy extraordinaire Alex Fanaian, 23, was arrested on April 28, 2013, after waking Boca Raton resident David Deal, 52, by smashing his front door’s side window with a fire extinguisher. Repeatedly. Deal initially thought the noises were gunshots, but when he went to investigate found that it was only a plastered, naked young man spraying a fire extinguisher.

According to the report, Deal asked Fanaian to “stop,” a reasonable request. He was naturally sprayed and then hit with the fire extinguisher in the torso, a predictable response given the circumstances.

In a refreshing bit of bravado, Deal then decked the 180-pound science major, hog tied him with wire hangers and called police, who tried to communicate with the incoherent Fanaian. They found that he “was not making sensible statements.” No surprise there.

Fanaian was taken to a local hospital before being arrested and charged with armed burglary and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Not sure if he has been released yet, but given that he was arrested, is facing charges, and possibly even disciplinary action as a student, his next natural move will probably be to throw a Toga Party.

Stay tuned…

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