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Young Teacher Charged With Raping Female Student

Courtney Louise Jarrrell, 22. Police photo.

A Utah math teacher and basketball coach is charged with raping a female student. The story of a high school teacher busted for sex acts with students is a one that comes up time and again, but in this case, the details are far different from the usual. The accused is 22-year-old Courtney Louise Jarrell. She’s charged first-degree rape and second-degree forcible sexual abuse for allegedly using an object to rape a 17-year-old female student.

According to authorities, the accusations stem from a parent’s complaint. Jarrell was suspended from the school district immediately following the complaint. The incident allegedly occurred at Jarrell’s house and no other details are available.

Jarrell, barely out of adolescence herself, taught at Riverton High School in Jordan for eight months. According to what a student told Salt Lake City’s KSL News, she was a well-loved educator and the allegations against her are shocking to many.

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