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Too Hot for Teacher

Heidi Kaeslin. Internet photo.

When we send our children off to school, we expect they’ll be taken care of by responsible, respectable teachers and administrators. But those school employees often prove just as human as the rest of us. These teachers’ exploits would be more at home in the fraternity from Animal House than in the teachers’ lounge.

In West Valley City , Utah, Chad Christman was forced to resign after the school district found out he’d been surfing the internet for porn using his school-issued smartphone. Christman was the principal of Gearld L. Wright Elementary School in the Salt Lake City suburb until his March 15, 2013 resignation. Granite School District spokesperson Ben Horsley said the investigation concluded no one but Christman was involved: “this happens to be a personal choice,” Horsley described.

An “exemplary employee” for 11 years, now Christman is facing a charge of misdemeanor accessing pornographic material on school property.

Checking out porn sites on school time is one thing, but Heidi Kaeslin, a special education teacher at Lincoln High School in Stockton took it to the next level: she used her school-owned laptop to create porn websites.

Kaeslin admitted that she provided assistance to her then lover Stockton police officer Richard Fields when he wanted to set up a website called Computer forensics showed she might also have helped with the websites and Kaeslin maintains she only worked on the sites a few days before realizing she didn’t “want anything to do with adult entertainment.”

Nonetheless, Kaeslin was fired by the school board in 2012 – and her marriage crumbled as well. Last month, she appealed the firing, arguing she was not immoral, dishonest or unfit to teach. On March 29, 2013, California’s state Office of Administrative Hearings affirmed the school district’s decision to terminate her employment.

Kaeslin may have helped create x-rated websites, but science teacher Stacie Halas took it a step further: the then 31-year-old teacher was fired by the Oxnard School district when her pornographic past came to light last year.

Halas was a teacher at Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, California, when word of Halas’ past started to spread among the students, some of whom viewed the movies. When the school board called an administrative hearing to discuss the matter, Halas said that she had run up $100,000 in student loans and credit card debt – and had no better option than to film a dozen sex scenes under the pseudonym “Tiffany Six“. She was paid $1,500 per scene, but ended her porn career before taking her teaching position in . Unmoved, the school board fired Halas.

In February, Halas’ attorneys filed an appeal to the Ventura County Superior Court fighting to get their client back in the classroom, where she had received only positive reviews for her work. If the termination is not rescinded, attorney Richard Schwab argued, “We are teaching our children that if you engage in a behavior, even if it’s not unlawful, you may be put in a position where you may not follow your dreams. You cannot dig yourself out of a mistake.”

Halas’ future still lies in the hands of the court. Meanwhile, her students are being taught by a teacher without such a colorful past. At least that’s what we assume.

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