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Newark’s Mysterious Serial Streaker Apprehended

A photo of Naked Man released by Newark police.

A somewhat disturbing photo of Naked Man released by Newark police.

Residents of Newark, Delaware, can sleep easy knowing than police have apprehended the town’s “Naked Man,” as elusive as Bigfoot, but much more active. Police believe he is responsible for a series of streakings that started in 2011. The mystery man is identified as Jason W. Grubbs, 39, of Sullivan Chase Drive in Avondale, who according to police was arrested on April 20, 2013. This time police received a call from two women, 20 and 21, who saw a naked man walking down the street exposing himself and slapping his buttocks — truly a compelling image. He was surrounded and caught scaling a fence, but he had clothes on at that point.

The 16 reported sightings of Naked Man go back as far as June 1, 2011, and until Saturday, up ’til October 4, 2012, so when it came to charging Grubbs the counts added up. Newark police charged Grubbs with 13 counts of indecent exposure, with one count each of lewdness, criminal mischief under $1,000, resisting arrest and, no surprise here, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He was released on $1,800 bail.

Since he also allegedly made at least nine nude appearances on the Delaware University campus, University of Delaware police charged Grubbs with nine counts of indecent exposure, six count of criminal trespassing and one count of lewdness. They released him on $1,600 bail.

Both Newark police and UD campus police are investigating to see in Grubbs can be connected to any more reports of streaking. Anyone with any information is urged to  call Newark Detective James Skinner at 366-7110, ext 135 or UD police Detective Jay Protz at 831-4136, or Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800)TIP-3333.

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