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Confused Lady Driver Winds Up in Bike Lane on Bridge

There are some roads that are simply confusing. The infamous “mixing bowl” on Interstate 95 in Virginia leading to Washington, D.C. is one. Confusion leads to driver error, which can lead to accidents, or just really weird mistakes. This driver’s unimpaired confusion just led to a mistake, which, strangely enough, she is not the first driver to have made.

A still from the Oregon DOT bridge surveillance cameras

A still from the Oregon DOT bridge surveillance cameras

On April 21, 2013, an unidentified Portland woman became so confused trying to get on the I-205 bridge from Washington State to Portland, Oregon, that she somehow wound up in the bike lane, unable to get out. The bike lane is quite narrow and is partitioned off from the rest of the bridge by a concrete barrier, high railings and as is evident from the DOT surveillance cam still — it’s in the middle of the bridge. Police arrived at around 11 a.m. to help the desperate woman, who was about to call 911 for help. They guided her to the other side of the bridge, closing off traffic on one side for an hour. Apparently traffic was not seriously delayed, though some cyclists had trouble getting around the car.

The woman was not cited for her error, though it seems that some bikers would not have been so charitable.

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