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Killer Updates Victim’s Facebook Status

Parhwine Kaur, 18. Facebook photo.

To the shock of friends and family, a person suspected to have been involved in a young woman’s murder has updated her Facebook status with a taunting status.

Last week, the body of 18-year-old Malaysian woman Parhwine Lucia Mejia Kaur was discovered in a drain near a football field. The person who found the body called police, who, after an investigation, began to suspect the victim’s boyfriend, reported to be in his 20s. The boyfriend has reportedly been arrested, but police are on the hunt for one or more accomplices.

Kaur’s murder is believed to have been pre-planned and motivated by revenge. “We are not ruling out the possibility that the boyfriend’s lady friend was helping him too,” Police Chief Abdul Razak Elias told the Malaysian Edition. Kaur was reportedly killed after fighting with her boyfriend over his infidelity.

After Kaur’s death, a shocking status update appeared on her Facebook page. Police believe it may have been posted via mobile phone by the boyfriend’s accomplice. “ one cn.find me !!!! Parhwine Kaur’s murderer,” it read. “We are in the process of tracking down the one responsible for the posting with the help of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission,” said Elias.


According to Malaysian Redditors who offered their translating services, the last two posts are written in a dialect and mean something along the lines of “Her father always liked to talk/boast a lot…said I should be arrested,” and “why arrest/kidnap the innocent?”

Kaur was determined to have died from blood loss due to a severe neck wound.

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