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Spurned Florida Woman Violently Yanks Ex’s Penis

Laquavia Sharelle Wallace

Laquavia Sharelle Wallace, smiling like a cat who caught a canary.

It was bound to happen sometime, and when it did, it was probably going to happen in Florida. On April 16, 2013, Laquavia Sharelle Wallace of Manatee County Florida was arrested by domestic battery after she reportedly yanked her boyfriend’s penis violently during an argument about why he didn’t want to get back together with her; go figure.

Wallace was reportedly at her ex’s house to pick up the daughter of whom they share custody, when, overcome with emotion she proclaimed her undying desire to get back together with her ex, Antonio. Antonio said that he did not want another relationship at this time and an argument ensued during which the suspect allegedly “grabbed Antonio’s penis with her right hand and began pulling on it” — hard. Antonio was able to successfully grab her arm “to prevent further violence.” A relative of his witnessed the attack, but even so, as is the case with so many instances of domestic abuse, the victim refused to press charges.

This victim’s penis was left intact, but now it’s only a matter of time before another such victim may not be so lucky.

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