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MISSING CHILD ALERT: Charice Beaumont, 14, of Provo, Utah

Update: Charice Beaumont has been found unharmed. 

Authorities in Provo, Utah, are searching for a teen who’s been missing since Monday. Charice Beaumont, 14, was last seen leaving home to walk to Dixon Middle School around 8:30 a.m. She never made it to school; authorities say she was not in any of her classes.

Charice’s family say there was no argument or altercation that could have caused Charice to try to run away. ”After the counselor called, I called my wife, came home, we got together, knew something was wrong. It’s completely out of the ordinary,” Charice’s father Brian Beaumont told Fox 13.

Volunteers in Provo and nearby Orem have organized search parties to look for Charice.

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