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Man Allegedly Pays for Sex With McDonald’s Meal

Donald Jones, 58. Police photo.

It does not seem like a fair trade. Police in Albuquerque say Donald Jones, 58, bought a prostitute a McDonald’s meal in exchange for sexual favors. According to authorities, the man picked up the woman in an area known for prostitutes, brought her to McDonald’s where he bought a meal at the drive-thru, and then headed to a park to seal the deal. At the park, police allegedly approached Jones just as the woman was pulling up her pants.

According to a criminal complaint, the woman agreed to have sex for food. Jones was charged with drug possession stemming from prescription drugs allegedly found in his car.

An offer of sex in exchange for fast food is not hard to come by. In April of last year, Florida woman Christine Baker, 47, was arrested after allegedly offering sex to an undercover officer in exchange for two double cheeseburgers from the McDonald’s dollar menu. In 2009, an Okahoma woman was arrested on prostitution charges after accepting a box of chips from a Frito-Lay employee in exchange for oral sex.

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