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Angry Young Man Pushes Stepfather, Poops on Porch

Jorge Jonathan Cruz-Blanco

Jorge Jonathan Cruz-Blanco

Pasco County, Florida, man Jorge Jonathan Cruz-Blanco, 19, was an angry young man. He was no longer a student, did not have a job and was expecting his stepfather, Kenneth Pangborn, 72, to serve him with an eviction notice at any time. On April 8, 2013, his stepfather did just that. Unfortunately youth got the better of discretion and Cruz-Blanco reacted in a way that pretty much assures won’t get employment any time soon, nor be accepted at any institution of higher learning.

The immediate reaction and the one that got him arrested was that of pushing his stepfather, who immediately went inside to call 911. His secondary reaction, and the one that made police look at him funny, was that while the man was on the phone, Cruz-Blanco whipped down his pants and pooped on the porch. When police arrived and questioned him about the mess, he claimed that he had to go, he couldn’t wait, and he wasn’t allowed inside.

Cruz-Blanco was arrested on charges of battery on a person over 65 and held without bail. No job, no school, but he does have a roof over his head.

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