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Drunk Brit Becomes Violent on Flight, Forces Detour

Sean Kelly on vacatino in Cancun.

Sean Kelly on vacation in Cancun.

Any Americans on British Airways flight BA2202 from Cancun to London who had boarded the plane under the misconception that “the British are all polite,” were quickly and perhaps a little brutally disabused of that notion on April 13 thanks to very drunk passenger Sean Jude Kelly, 31. Kelly, it seems, had been on a weeklong bender in Cancun, and had continued the party on the flight home.

Kelly, who hails from Kent, England, may have tried to remedy a fear of flying with alcohol and Valium — a lot of alcohol and Valium. On March 29 the MailOnline reported that Kelly tweeted British rapper Wiley saying, “listening to ‘Daiquiris’ and popping Valiums, only way to get through take off..#madfearofflying #cancun #rattlingwithpills” Kelly had allegedly polished off half a 750 ml. bottle of Stoli vodka on the flight before becoming belligerent.

Earlier, Kelly had tweeted, ‘Looking forward to bricking it for the next 11 hours on a plane. If it goes down, I want [British Pop Idol finalist Rik Waller] singing at my funeral #cancun.’

But that was not to be.

Kelly allegedly spit on the flight attendants and then started “trying to pick fights with every passenger he made eye-contact with.” It was so bad that, three hours into the flight, the pilot had to take a detour to Orlando to get Kelly off the flight. Police were summoned and Kelly was dragged off the plane fussin’ and a-cussin’, which was nothing new, until he looked at the female police officer and said “I’m going to kill you,” as he tried to kick her. Police knocked Kelly to the floor, which he hit face first. He reportedly kept on struggling as he was arrested on charges of assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

Once in his cell, he put up his dukes and glaring at the officer said, “You’re dead you fat f***! Let’s have a go!”

He is being held on $5,300 bail.

Here’s to hoping the jail cell video makes it to Youtube.

Mr. Kelly after threatening to kill and assaulting an Orlando lady cop

Mr. Kelly after assaulting and threatening to kill an Orlando lady cop.

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