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Teen Army Recruit Allegedly Killed by Suicidal Sergeant

Michelle Miller, 17. Facebook photo.

The father of Michelle Miller, 17, told ABC News that his daughter was “smitten” with 31-year-old Staff Sgt. Adam Arndt, who’d recruited her into the Army reserves. On the night of her death, grieving dad Kevin Millers says Michelle rushed out of the house without much explanation because she thought Arndt was suicidal and needed her help.

Michelle did not text her father Arndt’s address like he’d asked, but a review of her phone records revealed that she had sent messages to her friends to tell them goodbye. The next morning, both Michelle and Arndt were found dead in Arndt’s Germantown, Md., home, with a firearm nearby. Police think Arndt killed Michelle and then himself.

Michelle had only recently enlisted in the reserves and had not yet gone through basic training. She had hoped military service would help pay for school at Arizona State University. She aspired to become a psychotherapist.

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