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Chronic Cat Hoarder Arrested Again

Delores Metcalf. Police photo.

Delores Metcalf just can’t quit cats. The Kansas City woman has been arrested for a fourth time on charges related to hoarding felines.

On Monday, 14 cats were removed from her home. Though Metcalf’s problem is largely cats, police did say there was a dead dog at her house. The home had previously been condemned by authorities.

Last March, after months of receiving complaints from Metcalf’s neighbors, a Animal Health and Public Safety crew conducted a search warrant on Metcalf’s home and found ten cats and five kittens, plus a dead kitten in the freezer. At that point, Metcalf was already prohibited from living in the condemned dwelling, which neighbors say had a serious cockroach problem in addition to being overrun with cats.

In August, 2011, authorities spent 12 hours removing over 150 animals from Metcalf’s house. The removed animals were overwhelmingly cats, but there was also a dog and a ferret. In addition to the living animals, police say there were 60 dead cats in Metcalf’s freezer. Many of the animals were in bad condition.

In 2002, Metcalf was living in a different home in Liberty and going by the name Delores Flores. In similar circumstances, authorities removed 96 cats and four dogs from her residence.

As a consequence of the most recent police visit to her home, Metcalf faces 32 municipal charges, including living in an unsafe dwelling, abuse and neglect.

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