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Missing Aurora Teen Raven Furlong Found Safe?

Raven Furlong

Raven Furlong

According to police in Venice, California, Raven Cassidy Furlong, the Aurora, Colorado teen who was reported missing by her family six weeks ago, was seen attending a shooting of American Ninja Warrior, was taken in for questioning, and is safe and sound.

Raven drove off in her car with some friends for the weekend at the age of 17 some six weeks ago, and never returned. When she was a no show for the next day of school, her stepmother reported her missing. The only clue her family had that she was even alive was a cell phone call to the stepmother in which Raven reportedly said she couldn’t talk because it was someone else’s phone. Raven’s car was found in Venice, California, abandoned. A stakeout of the vehicle proved fruitless. At that point police decided that though Raven was probably a runaway, she was an endangered one.

Raven is 18, and now no one can compel her to return home. After being identified, she willingly gave a police interview in which officers claim she seemed fine, and in which she said that “everyone should just leave her alone.” Her family is skeptical, choosing instead to believe that Raven was coerced into a life of prostitution. See the video below of her mother.

Perhaps her family is right: Perhaps Raven is now addicted to drugs and is dating her pimp. It seems we’ll never know because even though Raven is legally an adult, her actions are anything but. If she was a runaway, the day she turned 18 she should have called her family, declared her independence and told them to stop looking for her. Instead she chose to ignore the fact that police in two states were on the lookout for her due to a possible connection to two other cases in which other teens with profiles on modeling sites suspiciously vanished.

The cases being investigated are those of Kara Nichols and Kelsie Schelling, who don’t seem to be playing games or just “shining on” their parents.

It would be interesting to know how much attention was given to Raven’s case, and how much public money was wasted searching. Since she’s an adult now, presumably with a job, maybe she could pay it back.

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