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Cop Arrested for Standing Outside Naked

Christopher Roush. Police photo.

In certain circumstances, it does seem like police are above the law. But not, it turns out, when it comes to weird naked stuff.

Newport News, Va., cop Christopher Roush, 41, was arrested by his own department for allegedly standing naked on a porch. A neighbor had called in a complaint. He has been charged with  two counts of indecent exposure and one count of obscene sexual display and released on his own recognizance. An internal investigation is pending and he is due in court on April 24.

Roush,  nine-year veteran of the department, has been placed on unpaid leave. The Virginian-Pilot reports that Roush changed his name last year after a previous run-in with the law. Then known as Christopher Miner, he was charged in 2009 with abducting a 27-year-old woman who had come over for a “social evening” at his house. According to police, Miner refused to let the woman leave. A month later, he was charged with raping another woman. In 2010, he was acquitted in both cases.

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